The hotel sets Guest Room Service Centers to provide you 24-hours service. Phone: 1300 or 6.

Central air-conditioning: the hotel is equipped with independent room temperature control central conditioning and fresh air system; inside the guest room, in-door temperature can be adjusted at will.

Water: all water for the guest rooms including drinking water and bathing water are purified to guarantee water quality.

Guest Room TV: Guest Rooms offer free satellite TV channels and digital TV.

Mini Bar: Guest Rooms Mini Bar prepares you a variety of beverages, wine and snacks.

Laundry Service: the hotel offers rinse, dry cleaning and ironing service, provides 4-hour urgent laundry service.

Shoe Shine Service: Guest Rooms offer free shoe shine service. Please contact Guest Room Service Center.

Rental Services: Guest Room Service Center prepares cell phone chargers, power conversion socket, wring board, health care pillow, children's products, and office stationery.

Message Service: If necessary, please tell the switchboard. Phone: 9 or 6.

Meal Delivery Service: the hotel provides 12-hour meal delivery service. Business hours: 07:00-19: 00. Tel.: 553.

The 6th and 8th Floor of the hotel has non-smoking rooms, and the 8th Floor has Lady’s Bedroom. The hotel provides morning newspaper delivery service.

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