Hong Kong Mingjia International Co., Ltd.
With the registered capital of 3,000,000 dollars, the business of Hong Kong Mingjia International Co., Ltd. mainly includes provision of diversified sales platform, professional services, and brand services, for the luxury goods market of Hong Kong and Greater China Area, distribution of international brand fashions, jewelry and leather goods, etc. Taking root in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Mingjia International is one largest European fashion agent in Hong Kong. Relying on extensive and rich marketing experience, the Group provides famous brands the most professional agency services. Its excellent achievement is there for all to see. In today's economic takeoff, Hong Kong Mingjia International Co., Ltd. has gradually increased business. Its first mainland market is Jiaxing Chalon International Hotel. Hong Kong Mingjia International Co., Ltd. has comprehensive shopping malls here for famous clothing, leisure, health and etc. In addition, the company determines the cooperation with Eushengdang Cave Bird Nest, Aiqinhai Hairdressing and Health Preservation Club, Shanghai Xintiandi Entertainment, and Brand Jewelry. The high-end consumer orientation and the collection of international fashion build the city's leading fashion.

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